The #CapTheGap Relief Fund


In recent years, the extremely high cost of tertiary education has been highlighted and it is clear now more than ever that it is a load to be shared by us all. 

Since the launch of Feenix in June 2017, communities have been able to see over 1000 students impacted on the crowdfunding platform, raising about R40 million towards their education. This has been through a combination of various corporate donations and a mobilised South African nation, tapping into the power of crowdfunding through Feenix. 

The Feenix community believes that access to education should not be dependent on wealth and that all who are able should have a fair chance to fulfil their potential.

The platform is a safety net to those students who are financially excluded from university and not eligible for other financial support.

Feenix is a Public Benefit Organisation (930057053) and governed by a Trust (IT831/2017).



This is a time for us to #CapTheGap and rally together to remove barriers to education, tapping into the power of crowdfunding to raise R6.6 million. Feenix is working closely with Universities to identify students who lack digital access, focusing on those in their final year as well as those in postgraduate studies. 

This initiative will ensure that resources are given to students who have shown commitment and determination in their educational journeys and will be among the first to enter and build South Africa’s economy post-COVID-19.

Our goal, as the Feenix community, is to raise R6.6 million to equip as many students as we can with:

Laptops | Internet data | Food Vouchers

Food vouchers
Feenix will purchase food vouchers from Shoprite for students to redeem. Each student will receive a R250 voucher for the next 5 months.

Feenix will purchase data through Van Schaik Bookstore. Students will have to download the Van Schaik Bookstore app and the data will be distributed through the Van Schaik Bookstore app to each student. Each student will receive a data bundle worth R250 for the next 5 months.

Feenix will purchase laptops and those laptops will be distributed by Van Schaik Bookstore. Students will collect laptops at the Van Schaik Bookstore closest to where they live. Where store collection is not possible, Van Schaik Bookstore will courier the device to the student's home address.