Thank You For Investing In Me: Student Feature By Mhlengi Lulama Mchunu


My journey of life has been a bumpy one, but I have learnt to approach life step by step, if it calls for patience then why not? My greatest challenge so far has been the funding for my tertiary studies, but I have never lost focus and faith toward my mission. I am doing my final semester in Civil Engineering at Mangosuthu University of Technology.

(Image: Mhlengi Lulama Mchunu)

As the world is fighting against this outrageous pandemic; some goals, dreams and plans are put on hold. As a student, it has been a disaster since the President announced the lockdown. Universities introduced online learning which requires resources like laptops and data bundles. As a student who falls within the missing middle, it has been difficult for me to cope with the online learning since I had none of the resources. The least data bundles I could get at home was 500MB. The Feenix #CapTheGap campaign was a turning point for my online learning. Today I am a proud owner of a brand-new laptop, I have enough monthly data bundles to sustain me as I proceed with my online learning and Feenix not only capped the gap of online learning for me but also the hunger gap. Feenix also provided me with a food voucher and this voucher will have a great impact at home. I will forever be grateful to the Feenix team.

My short-term goal at the moment is to complete my qualification and I am going to achieve this goal despite what is going on in the country because now I am able to take part in the online learning. In a long-term run, I am looking forward to making a great impact in the civil engineering industry. I want to make sure that I leave a mark every time that I get an opportunity to increase my skills. I am looking forward to challenging myself to be one of the greatest civil engineering technicians in the country. 

Having a laptop will have a positive impact on my academics while online learning is underway. Before receiving my laptop I was far behind with the work that had been given out. It is about time now that I challenge myself to cover everything that has been done since I have been so lucky to acquire this crucial device. I have already downloaded the notes and all the exercises that were given out previously. Since my field of study is not only limited to theoretical work but also covers greatly on the practical side; now I will be able to download all the necessary software that we use to conduct some practicals.

I would like to pass my sincere gratitude to each and every individual that has stretched their hands for this great initiative to be a success. Your kindness has made a great impact in my life as an individual and I believe in the life of every student that has acquired the #CapTheGap resources during this most difficult time. May you never stop to change other people’s lives and may good things keep coming your way. Winston S. Churchill said “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” May your strengths be multiplied, and your pockets be much bigger. I really appreciate you!

I’m sure you know that thousands of students are in the same boat. They can’t afford digital resources … and their academic year is in peril. If you agree and also don’t want them to stumble at the finish line then please make a donation. 

Donate to the #CapTheGap relief fund, securely online here, your donation will allow more final year and postgraduate students to cross the digital divide and safely complete the academic year. 

Written by Mhlengi Lulama Mchunu #CapTheGap recipient