It’s Better Than A Dream. It’s #CapTheGap. And It’s Real!

When university student Gaedulwe Setlogelo found out what Feenix funders had sent her, she could hardly believe it was real.
(Image: Gaedulwe Setlogelo)
“I’m staggered and excited by what Feenix is doing for students like me. I really didn’t expect this much. It feels like a dream!” says Gaedulwe, a fourth year B.Ed student at Sol Plaatjie University in Kimberley. 

(Image: Gaedulwe Setlogelo)

But it’s better than a dream. It’s #CapTheGap. And it’s real!

And if you click here now to make an online contribution to #CapTheGap, you’ll make this dream real for more students who’re locked out of online education.

When the Covid-19 lockdown came into force, most universities pivoted to online learning. This exposed a vast digital divide. 

Students with digital wealth, like laptops and connectivity, could carry on with learning. Those who were digitally excluded, could not. 

An estimated 340 000 university students don’t have digital access. This could have a catastrophic effect on success and dropout rates. 

We’re particularly concerned about final year and postgraduate students. They are at risk of falling through the gap just before the finish line.

Feenix has worked closely with universities to find these students. Now, we’d love you to fund them.

Your online donation made by clicking here will provide students with laptops, data bundles or food vouchers. It will build a bridge over the digital divide … and ensure more students don’t have to worry about connectivity or hunger.

Students all over South Africa are already eagerly picking up their devices and data vouchers from Van Schaik Bookstore outlets; and buying groceries from Shoprite and Checkers using food vouchers that we send directly to their phones.

It’s a clean, transparent and trustworthy process. And it’s just a click away.

Your donation, made securely here, will directly affect the number of students who benefit from the Feenix #CapTheGap Covid-19 emergency relief fund.

Gaedulwe was one of these students. Now, thanks to the goodwill of the Feenix community, she has no worries about completing her academic year.


(Image: Gaedulwe Setlogelo)

“Thanks to the laptop I received from Feenix, I can access online learning with no stress that I'll be engaging in classes with a hungry stomach; and with no worry that I won't have data to submit my assignments in time or participate in e-learning,” she says. 

Unfortunately, for many other students, the academic year is slipping away. So please don’t delay.  Keep tuition on track. Support #CapTheGap