Free educational resources

We’ve collected a list of wonderful, free educational resources from around the Internet – for children, teens and adults! Click here to download your copy in PDF.

For children
General educational resources:
Splash Learn
Open Culture

Brightly Storytime read-aloud story books
Brightly Storytime YouTube Channel

For teenagers
Explore the human body:
Human Biodigital

Free access to e-textbooks and learning materials:

Vodacom customers don’t pay for data or content when using Vodacom e-school:
Vodacom e-School

For teens and adults
A multlitude of useful resources:
Marin Library

For adults
Explore arts and culture:
Arts and Culture on Google

Take a look at our past, present and a glimpse into our future:
The Big History Project 

A vast wealth of learning:
The Khan Academy

Free courses for adults from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology:
MIT OpenCourseWare

Free online courses from Wits University:
Wits X 

Oxford Home Study Centre:
Oxford Home Study Centre

Disclaimer: Feenix neither endorses or accepts liability for the contents of any of the above listed websites.