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It’s Better Than A Dream. It’s #CapTheGap. And It’s Real!

When university student Gaedulwe Setlogelo found out what Feenix funders had sent her, she could hardly believe it was real. “I’m staggered and excited by what Feenix is doing for students like me. I really didn’t expect this much. It feels like a dream!” says Gaedulwe

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#CapTheGap Relief Fund Week 4 Update

Thanks to our amazing community we have been able to secure 3.1 million Rand towards the #CapTheGap Relief Fund, a response to the challenges caused by COVID-19 in the Higher Education sector. Launched on 29 May 2020, the fund aims to raise a total of 6.6 Million Rand to equip final year and postgraduate university students with laptops and data to make online learning more accessible during lockdown.

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The impact of Covid-19 and subsequent shut down of university campuses across South Africa has excluded many students from continuing their studies. This could have a catastrophic effect on success and dropout rates as many students are not equipped and geared for this online learning environment. 

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